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01 February 2019 (21:47) by Jabells -

You pitiful mortals need to make some nasty gains this weekend for next week's gig. So, as a gift (because we are so generous), you shall be blessed with 2x Shared Experience and 2x Loot THROUGH the weekend!

Changes upon 2x event:
  • Unlimited Ammunition is no longer a thing.
  • We have decided to allow those that donated during the first month to keep their Royal Crossbow, but from here on out the Open Mic Night event will reward Paladins with a Composite Hornbow. After careful consideration, it was decided that these changes were necessary to ensure stability of class balance.
  • Summon creature and convince creature now work!
  • All tiles have been checked to grant stamina when training on monks. Also, the text has been changed.
-Server save:
  • Has been enabled; shutdown will commence at 04:55 and will re-open at 05:00 after server save has been completed.
  • Minor Text Fixes

07 January 2019 (02:55) by Kage - Update Notes, Offline Training

We are receiving reports of interruption of offline training. This is because of a server update we pushed, and subsequent server restart that effected offline training. The update was to fix a gaping hole in server functionality.

These fixes are as follows:
  • Experience scrolls now function as intended. Second place prize to 200 is going to get a pair of soft boots. Go get those levels!
  • Many quests that previously didn't work now work: Killing In the Name Of, Svargrond, Inquisition, Wrath of the Emperor, etc. Please continue to report any other issues this update may have not included and we will do our best to fix them promptly. Your feedback has been absolutely fantastic and invaluable. Have fun on those quests and we will continue to double them!
  • Auto-loot now works! You may want to stock up on backpacks for all that gold you'll be collecting
    -- example of auto-loot execution: !autoloot add, gold coin (upon kill all gold coins will be put instantly into your main backpack!
There is still work to be done and we thank you for being patient while we make these large changes to the server. We are trying to add huge increases in functionality while maintaining balance, and will continue to add balance. One way in which we have done this is to remove the (rather hasty) addition of 2x SDs. With the addition of our test server, we should be able to much more quickly address any found issues with even less disruption to the server. For that, we thank you, as your donations have allowed us to diversify our server needs. As always, we're glad you're here, we're working hard to make this server fair and fun, and we can't wait to see what you all conquer next.
Rock on.
-Kage and Jabells

04 January 2019 (07:53) by Jabells - First to 200

With the reward of Void Boots up in the air, it all came down to a final stretch: Who would be the first to 200? Makkan, who was quickly gaining? Arieswar, who started almost immediately after the reset out of pure luck? Would Veeps make his classic quick-gain in a night of power-leveling? It was close. Veeps kept training, Makkan kept griding, but ultimately, it was Arieswar. With a little help from an EXP scroll, Arieswar gained nearly 100 million exp in a night.

And then, when it was time to receive them, Arieswar turned down the void boots, leaving them to the next person to reach level 200. The race was back on.
But now, I wonder what the next reward will be.

31 December 2018 (23:17) by Jabells - LET THE ROCK OFF BEGIN

Ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling in the New Year with hits that will rock your socks off. I'm talking lampposts that work, doors that close, chameleon runes that don't NOT work. I'm talking map changes, new items, spells that cast, and a WHOLE lot of stuff halfway done.

The server's been reset. You're all at a blank slate. The first person to beat Beelzeboss gets a personalized Pick of Destiny. But be careful; he rocks too hard because he's not a mortal man. So what's it going to be, Kyle? Tits? Or Destiny?

30 November 2018 (14:35) by Jabells - Let's get ready to rock!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a rockin' OT. We're performing some mic checks right now, maybe breaking a couple of scripts, maybe making something fun and awesome. It's all for you. So let's get to it! Make an account, make some characters, get logged in, and feel free to message Kage or Jabells at any time!
 - Jabells